Clear, transparent, rapid. Can you do that?

Our major goal is to make your cooperation with us comfortable and beneficial.

Our smooth-running operating process has been adjusted for many years. Get familiar with it and you will have a clear idea of what happens to your order at a particular moment:


Order placement.

The most efficient way of placing an order is through visiting our website, signing in, going to the catalogue of goods, putting necessary items to the cart and submitting the order. In such case the order is directly sent to our information system. Thereby, we can proceed to its processing as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, we have a number of old-school customers who are used to send orders to us by email in Word, Excel or even by fax, with items written down with a pencil on a scrap of paper. We respect their choice. And still we encourage you to save both the wood and the time! Place your order through our website and you will get a confirmation of your booking at our warehouse within several working days.

Booking goods at our warehouse.

Unless we have received your order through our website, we will introduce it carefully in our information system by ourselves. Since then, our warehousing service starts booking the items and proceeds to order picking. We never wait for payment or confirmation to go ahead. We appreciate your time, so the goods are immediately booked and the order is picked for you. In case we discover some item to be out of stock during this process, our manager will contact you with no delay to replace that item for a similar one. Anyway, in a couple of working hours the item from your order will be completely booked for you.


We never bill you for the order until we make sure we can ship the ordered item for you. Selling air is not our practice. When you receive the bill, you can be pretty sure this bill is supported by the item waiting for you at the warehouse.


The terms of payment are the guidelines (prepayment, partial payment, deferred payment). We either expect to receive the money to our bank account or start arranging delivery for you. Anyway, you should better inform us right away of the payment type and the other terms to let us schedule the work of our internal delivery service.


If you chose to pick up your order at our warehouse by yourself, before departure, you only have to make sure your order is attached the «Ready for shipment» status. If the delivery is made across Moscow, we set up a time of our forwarder's visit with you and the order can be delivered on the same day. Should the delivery involve a transport company, we will register the application for goods pickup by the transport company once you have paid for the order. Otherwise we send the goods to the transport company by ourselves (this is up to the particular company you have chosen). We can send the goods to the transport company either on the same or the following day depending on the chosen company's operating terms. Anyway, we do our best to deliver the goods to your store. Once the goods are sent, we mail the consignment note to you. You can keep track of the goods and the delivery date at your transport company's office using its number.

Key points

If the order value exceeds 10.000 rubles, the delivery (to the transport company's office among other things) is free. If the value is below 10.000 rubles, the charge is of 500 rubles.

Every shipment we make is attached a set of accounting papers in two copies. One is meant for your Accounts, the other-for ours. We ask you to send our copy to our postal address.

In case you discover some external damage of the packaging at the moment of delivery, please take a photo to confirm the fact to let us subsequently repair the damage in the transport company.

In case you discover regrading or goods' damage during transportation, please let us know. We will try to promptly replace the goods for others.

Do you still have questions about our operating principle? 
Then you need to start cooperating with us to enjoy the process since it is easy and comfortable.