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We love the press :)

The "Supplier of Happiness" is probably the world's most loving and open-minded company.

We are ready to speak to the press on any topic, including the most intimate ones. Events that are worth writing and discussing are regularly held on our market.

Once you say you are from the media, it will be a pleasure for us to:

  • speak to you over coffee in our cozy office or your studio;
  • draft all necessary analytical information for you;
  • write a breath-taking article full of true examples from our business practice;
  • give a comprehensive comment on the events taking place in Russia and Worldwide.

We have drafted a press kit for your comfort- pure, simple and well-organized - just the way you like it.

General PR inquiries:
Comments, arranging an interview:
Olga Chernyshova
cell: +7 (915) 289-54-86

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