Partial delivery

Today’s e-commerce style requires giving special attention to the client. Giving the client the possibility to reject part of the order at the moment of delivery as well as the possibility to deliver several goods for selection is a common practice nowadays.

We understand that providing our drop shippers with ultimate operational flexibility is essential. For this sake, we have introduced the principle of «partial delivery» to our logistics. .

With this regard, there are a number of business rules we follow:


Limited list of delivery options.

Partial delivery can be offered under the following options exclusively: «Across Moscow-by courier» and «Across Moscow-pick-up point (Avtozavodskaya metro station)».

Retail price for goods.

In case the end customer rejects to buy part of the order at the moment of delivery/pickup, he or she is only charged the retail price for those goods they agree to take.

Return of pre-paid order amount.

Available in case the end customer rejects part of the order at the moment of delivery/pickup of the order that has been prepaid to the merchant. It is up to the merchant to solve the problem of returning the excessive money transferred by the end customer.

The delivery price for the end customer is fixed.

If the «partial delivery» option is selected, the delivery cost for the end customer won’t change. For example: if you have indicated free delivery for the end customer at the moment of order placement within our system, this remains so even if the customer rejects major part of the order.

Order processing and delivery costs are fixed.

In case the end customer rejects part of the order at the moment of delivery/pickup, the order processing and delivery costs for the merchant won’t change.

Free selection of goods

We recommend that you should give your clients the possibility to select the goods they are interested in but, please, indicate in the description field on your website that you can only deliver a choice of 2 or 3 items.

Trying on.

Note that the following categories cannot be subject to fitting: underpants; socks and stockings; underwear made of vinyl; underwear made of latex; items in disposable packaging.