What can you do if the goods were damaged on the way to the customer?

Unless you have activated drop shipping, you will have to offset the damaged article's value out of your pocket. Later, you can file a claim for the transport company responsible for this incident. There is a 35% probability that you will get compensation for the damaged stuff, evidence shows. The minimum period of claim processing is of 30 days.

A lot easier if you use the dropship service by the "Supplier of Happiness" for exercising delivery to customers. In this case, we are ready to share the risks related to careless transportation of goods with you.

What is the procedure to obtain compensation?

It is necessary to send the order's number and a photo of the damaged item within 3 days after the delivery to the end customer. It is important to make sure that the photo is able to prove the fact that the loss of item's presentation or damage has been caused through careless delivery, and no other reason.

Not later than three working days after, the “Supplier of Happiness” will process your application and give a reply. If your claim is favorably considered, we will bear the costs of repeated delivery to your customer in order to replace the damaged items. If some item is no longer in stock, we will seek to offer a substitution product.

Later, you will only have to place the order for necessary articles in Your Account on Stripmag, indicating both the address and the contact details of the affected customer. In the commentary, you should state the following: "Replacement of the damaged order number XXXXX". Please note that the "Supplier of Happiness" cannot make a refund for an order having been damaged during transportation, instead, free repeated delivery of the order is an option.

Box packing

By default, parcels by PickPoint and DPD are packed in bags that cannot guarantee protection from mechanical failure. Another advantage of drop shipping is the possibility to wrap fragile and/or valuable goods in right-size boxes.Currently, the "Supplier of Happiness" is using boxes of six popular dimensions (length, width and height):  

  • 110*110*120
  • 230*150*80
  • 230*280*80
  • 320*320*90
  • 320*320*130
  • 540*340*140

Regardless of size, packing charge is of 35 rubles and is fixed. To protect fragile objects from falling, they are thoroughly covered with bubble wrap that serves perfectly to cushion against damage. Customers are sure to appreciate our attention to their orders!

Safe keeping

Even though the order received by the customer has been damaged despite all precautions, the "Supplier of Happiness" will take on responsibility for the expenses to cover repeated delivery including the cost of the damaged items. Thus, by paying only 35 rubles for box packing, you are actually getting insurance against any kind of trouble during transportation, from the warehouse to the customer, no matter how far the latter is located.