We make your dreams come true

Are you looking for a reliable partner to cooperate regarding your Internet store, or perhaps you are going to establish the new one having both feet on the ground? You’ve hit it right on the head!

We know online business through and through. We are aware of all obstacles and difficulties on the path of dealing with other Internet stores. Forget about them and start to enjoy your business by cooperating with us!

Our most favourable terms for your Internet Store:
  • No limits for the minimum order value. You are free to buy exactly what you’ve ordered Free returns and exchanges within 5 business days from the receipt of;
  • the items Profit margin over 100%;
  • Unloading remainder (csv, xml, xls, insales, webasyst);
  • Unloading photos of products and full product specifications;
  • Office and warehouse in Central Moscow (Paveletskaya underground station);

How all this works

While working with other online stores, we have improved all business processes by running them more effectively, smoothly and accurately.
There are three approaches to cooperation with us through our warehouse:


Cash payment on collection of your order

It is a simple and very clear way without any complications. It is highly recommended for those who use their own couriers instead of external delivery service 

Advance scheme

When dealing with external delivery service you are advised to use advance scheme which allows to distinguish between expenses on goods and the money received from your customers. 

Paying on a weekly basis

During the week you collect your orders from our warehouse and receive a total invoice value on Friday to be paid on the following Monday. No doubt it is the most beneficial approach for Internet stores! 

No matter what approach you choose, we guarantee the most attentive service, the quickest response and the strongest and most lasting love you could ever imagine between supplier and retailer.

We offer our clients unlimited consultations on any topic related to our mutual business. We publish articles, participate in thematic conferences and organise professional webinars and trainings. All this is meant for sharing our experience with you and helping you generate more profit. So you can take full advantage of implementing the most recent methods and instruments in your Internet business.

The first step you need to take is to get acquainted with us.

PS: You know the other company that put much more efforts into dealing with Internet stores? Please feel absolutely free to tell us about it. We give you our word of honour we’ll overtake and surpass any of them!!