How it works

To launch an on-line store with the "Supplier of Happiness" is easy, you are only three steps away:
  • Set up a sole-proprietor company or an LLC.
  • Place the assortment from the “Supplier of Happiness” on your website.
  • Sign the contract with the "Supplier of Happiness" and make an advance payment of 10 000 rubles.

From now on, you can focus on marketing and sales, while the “Supplier of Happiness” will take on responsibility of doing logistics and transferring money from the clients to your account. A detailed report on completed orders is available in Your Account, thus, you know how big your income is. All orders are delivered on behalf of your on-line store, we guarantee total privacy of your client’s information.

Drop shipping by the “Supplier of Happiness” gives you a number of unbeatable advantages against rivals:
  • Access to the market's largest assortment of goods.
  • Money saving due to reduced tariffs from transport companies.
  • A large list of delivery options.
  • Easy return of orders not purchased by the clients.

A range of 18.000 articles

Our clients get access to the huge stock of the "Supplier of Happiness": the whole range presented of the adult care market is likely to be in our stock. It is up to you whether to place the whole range on your shelf or get focused on a limited product group.

Reduced tariffs from transport companies

Monthly, we distribute over 10 000 orders across the country. Naturally, with such volumes, both transport and courier companies provide significant discounts, which are then given to you, without markup. Thus, thanks to drop shipping you are given access to the tariffs that are unavailable for ordinary on-line stores.

Delivery options

A large set of delivery options gives a significant advantage to any on-line store, since a faster delivery is often worth higher price. We cooperate with all of the biggest transport companies and courier services and you will get the opportunity to engage clients from the furthest regions of Russia.

Easy return of orders not purchased by the clients

Clients may often cancel their order. In this case, the item remains in your stock until someone else wants it. In the long run, such goods come to accumulate in big volumes and you have to sell them with a huge discount in an attempt to return your investment. As a result, the on-line store loses the money it could actually invest in marketing and promotion. With activated drop shipping, those unpurchased orders just return to the "Supplier of Happiness" -for you to save both your time and money.

The company "Supplier of Happiness" has been the biggest importer and distributor of intimate goods since 2002. In 2014 we launched the dropship model. Here are some curious facts:
  • 54.000 have been completed so far
  • 700 stores are operating under the Dropship model
  • 225.874 rubles is the biggest order's value
  • 17.026.500 rubles is the profit of on-line stores
  • 1.820.000 rubles is the monthly turnover of the biggest store