Proper drop shipping from the company Supplier of Happiness

What does proper drop shipping look like?
Proper drop shipping is a service that lets the e-commerce entrepreneurs to get focused 100% on sales: on work with their target audience, website, product range. Everything that has to do with warehousing, logistics and even payments is no longer your concern, it is ours! Your task is to provide us with all necessary information for order processing. In our turn, we are to:: 

  • Pick and pack the order according to the requirements from transport companies and delivery services;
  • Draft necessary shipping documents;
  • Deliver the order to the end customer;
  • Receive payment from the customer and deposit the money into your bank account;

From now on, you can focus on marketing and sales, while the “Supplier of Happiness” will take on responsibility of doing logistics and transferring money from the clients to your account. A detailed report on completed orders is available in Your Account, thus, you know how big your income is. All orders are delivered on behalf of your on-line store, we guarantee total privacy of your client’s information. 

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A video about drop shipping to be broadcasted on the TV channel Rossiya 24. 

Selecting of a drop-shipping business

Why is the adult care market a perfect target for drop-shopping practice?

Today, the adult industry is one of the most promising niches in Russia. Great share of the country's population had been isolated from the world of intimate goods. This niche has been growing for 10 years now and the gap has not been bridged so far. The adult care segment's development won't stop during crisis. It was doing well in 2008 and it is doing well at present. The traditional off-line trade is decreasing. Customers prefer to place their orders on the Internet, since "it is cheaper there".
It is time to launch your business, the best one!

Fundamental advantages of the adult care market:

  • Markup up to 300%, average purchase amount is of 3.000 rubles;
  • High customer loyalty-repeated purchase share reaches 40%; 
  • Investment return in two months;;
  • Low entry threshold - initial costs from 10.000 rubles;

Elena Berkova's sex shop: from 0 to 1000000 roubles a month.

The sex shop owned by Elena Berkova operates on the basis of the range provided by the "Supplier of Happiness", which is of over 18.000 items now.

"I activated drop shipping for arranging logistics. Since then, order picking and delivery to my customers are the supplier's responsibility, while the money for the orders is transferred to my bank account".
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Selecting a drop-shipping supplier

Collaboration with the company "Supplier of Happiness" offers a number of unbeatable advantages to your business!


A range of almost 30000 items

Our clients get access to the huge stock of the "Supplier of Happiness": the whole range presented of the adult care market is likely to be in our stock. It is up to you whether to place the whole range on your shelf or get focused on a limited product group.

Reduced tariffs with transport companies

Monthly, we distribute over 10000 orders across the country. Naturally, with such volumes, both transport and courier companies provide significant discounts, which are then given to you, without markup. Thus, thanks to drop shipping you are given access to the tariffs that are unavailable for ordinary on-line stores.

Delivery options

A large set of delivery options gives a significant advantage to any on-line store, since a faster delivery is often worth higher price. We cooperate with all of the biggest transport companies and courier services and you will get the opportunity to engage clients from the furthest regions of Russia.


Easy return of not purchased orders

Clients may often cancel their order. In this case, the item remains in your stock until someone else wants it. In the long run, such goods come to accumulate in big volumes and you have to sell them with a huge discount in an attempt to return your investment. As a result, the on-line store loses the money it could actually invest in marketing and promotion. With activated drop shipping, those unpurchased orders just return to the "Supplier of Happiness" -for you to save both your time and money.

100% E-commerce

The company "Supplier of Happiness" is the only Russian supplier focusing on the work with on-line stores exclusively.  We know everything about e-commerce!

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This video is enough to get comprehensive answers to all questions about drop shipping.

  • How is an on-line store's ordinary process organized?
  • How could this process be organized under the dropship model?
  • Why is it profitable for an on-line store?
  • Why is it profitable for the “Supplier of Happiness”?

Dmitry Korobitsyn, the founder of the company “Supplier of Happiness” and creator of the Proper Dropship Model.

Proper professional IT-service!

Cutting-edge information technologies and marketing support.

Have you been searching for a trustworthy supplier for your on-line store? Do you want to establish a startup, or you are already a well-established company? You are definitely in the right place!

We know each and every thing about e-commerce. We can imagine the complications and troubles that you may face when you work with other suppliers. Say ‘goodbye’ to them and enjoy your cooperation with us.


Export feeds compatible with the whole list of popular CMS

Bitrix, InSales, AdvantShop, Magento, Shop Script, CS-Cart, OpenCart, Joomla + Virtuemart, XML, CSV. You can choose a format that best suits your information system. Read more


API-order placing and status receiving

We provide our drop-shipping clients with a possibility of making their interaction with our system fully automated through API.Read more

IT-webinars on a regular basis

We want to see our clients making progress and getting the highest profits. For this sake, we are constantly sharing our expertise: we publish articles, hold individual consultancies and trainings, speak out at conferences and exhibitions. Read more

Marketing support and gifts

Promotional activities with the best terms across the intimate goods market are held regularly. Topical newsletter is e-mailed and amazing prize drawings are held among our drop shippers (for example, in December, 2017, we gave 3 iPhones as prizes). We offer marketing support to our clients and provide them with ready-made banner sets to be used during promo-activities on your websites.

FAQs about drop shipping

What should I do to start using drop shipping?

  • Set up a sole-proprietor company or an LLC and open a current bank account.
  • Sign the contract with the "Supplier of Happiness".
  • Make an advance payment of 10.000 rubles.
  • Place our assortment on your website and activate automated updating on the basis of our export feeds.

I haven't got an on-line store so far. Where do I begin?

Three options are available.


Engage a Web studio to develop your store

This option is ok for those who has no rush and has enough experience at developing on-line stores which is necessary to control the work of a Web studio. To develop an on-line store with large range usually takes from 3 to 4 months and the thing goes for 300.000 rubles and up.

Make a store by yourself using InSales and AdvantShop

We offer exclusive export files and feed-in tariffs for SaaS platforms, InSales and AdvantShop. These builders have good reputation and are a perfect choice if you want to give it a try. The builder's only downside is that your website will not be of your property, you will have to pay some amount every month to renew your license.

Buy the FIRE, our turn-key website

This is a ready-made on-line store based on one of the most popular Russian platforms-1 C Bitrix. The FIRE has obvious advantages against a web-studio, it is many times cheaper and in only three days it will be fully equipped to receive orders from your clients.

What should I do if the client refused to purchase the order or simply disappeared?

We will take the goods back and will refund the sum for this order we had previously written off from your account. Thus, in case of an order’s cancellation by the client, your losses will be boiled down to delivery expenses and then only if we get aware of the cancellation after the order has been sent.

How much is drop shipping?

Processing and sending of one order costs 150 rubles and, in case it is we who receive payment for the order from the client, this sum is added the 2% of the order's value.

How to save up on delivery costs?

Monthly, the "Supplier of Happiness" sends over 10.000 orders across the country. Naturally, with such volumes, both transport and courier companies provide significant discounts, which are then given to you, without markup. Thus, drop shipping gives you an access to tariffs ordinary on-line shops can only be dreaming of.

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