Joint promotions

It is easy to start raising money from joint promotions (JPs). For purchasers, JP is a possibility to acquire goods at a wholesale price, for promoters an extra income of 15-20% to the whole purchasing volume. It is essential for a promoter to get the possibility to have a flexible working timetable and have enough time to attend their family and other obligations.

Who can benefit from this business?

  • Women on maternity leave who appreciate their financial independence.

  • Employees and students who wish to get an extra income.

  • Those who are ready to participate in JPs and turn them into their basic source of income.

Where can I start JPs?

  • Thematic internet forums and websites. Any kind of goods can be sold here: from kid’s clothes and toys to adult ones. To date, this is the most popular market place for JPs.

  • Social media. A good idea is to promote a VK group considering that VK and Facebook tend to provide means for organizing JPs. You can also use the possibilities of Instagram and Odnoklassniki.

  • Messengers. This approach to establish a JP startup fits better sociable people with a large contact database in WhatsApp and/or Telegram.

How to start selling goods from the Supplier of Happiness?

Register your account on our website to get access to the whole range of goods and see complete wholesale pricelist. Enjoy all of these? Upload the goods to your market place.
You can upload the complete range or parts of it using a number of methods:
  1. Upload a unified-format range from  our website..
  2. Upload the range using the parsers: (free) or
  3. Post necessary goods manually.