Requirements for websites

Working under the dropship model requires coherent interaction from all parties.

We are responsible for improved order implementation(order's confirmation with the customer, order picking, packaging, delivery, payment receipt). (). Your task is to encourage the customer to place the order.

Our experience has shown that in case the on-line store's website has no comprehensive description of the delivery and payment options, or the information it displays is incomplete or incorrect, there must be a number of lags at the stage of order implementation.

Checklist for on-line stores under the dropship scheme:

We have listed the requirements for on-line stores cooperating with us under the dropship model. Following these simple rules, you can significantly reduce the amount of time for order processing and increase sales volume at your store.


Age limit 18+

Age limit must be indicated on the website. Ideally if it were a balloon notification showing up at the moment of opening any website’s page, supported by a text note on each page of the website.

Legal entity or sole proprietor’s details.

The website must contain the Details of the legal entity or the sole proprietor that entered into a contract on direct shipment with us. You had better include these data in the following sections: “About company” or “About store”.

Description of the delivery and payment options.

The website must contain a correct description of the of delivery and payment options. The described options must be compatible with those provided from our part.

Compliance with the RF Law.

No items forbidden by the RF Law can be sold at your store. The website must not contain links leading to projects that could infringe the RF Law.

Direct phone number.

The website must contain a phone number that is on during operating hours. It is a good idea to indicate a direct number. And so much better if you engage a toll- free phone line starting with 800-. Phone numbers should be indicated in the following format: +7 (XXX) XXX-XX-XX.

The E-mail address with the domain that coincides with the store’s URL.

An e-mail address with the website’s domain must be indicated as Contact. Free domains such as,, etc. are inappropriate! Such e-mail boxes can seriously damage your on-line store’s credibility.

We strongly recommend that you should check your website for its compliance with these simple requirements.

We also recommend that you tested your website through “flogging” with a specialized group on Facebook E-commerce flogging, where you can get advice from e-commerce experts and boost your sales rates.