Why Supplier?

«It’s never a good sale for our company unless it’s a good buy for the customer»
Herbert Marcus,
Neiman-Marcus Retail Group Co-Founder

We are truly convinced that our future and present progress directly depends on how we cooperate with our partners. We are so sure that effective and sustainable business can be built only upon successful development and growth of our customers and clients.

Starting a cooperative business with us you will find out that we are the most reliable supplier and partner on the adult market.

We are successful because we make our clients successful. We are serious about our customer services, which endow our clients with tools necessary to succeed in their objectives achievement. We will always make every conceivable effort to create the ideal working environment.

Why Happiness?

I am often asked, «Dima, why do you run such an indecent business?»

I get never tired of explaining that:

«It is a fact that a healthy, regular and high quality sex life makes individuals feel better and more self-confident. They start to succeed in other aspects of life just because they have a healthy sexual relationship. This confidence affects their activity and work performance for the better. They are absolutely fine!

Moreover, it is almost impossible to destroy marriage where couples have healthy regular sex! Certainly, love is the main ingredient. But tender, loving feelings will be even stronger and long lasting with passionate sex as it deepens their emotional intimacy and strengthen relationship and marriage ties.

In my business there is no place for vulgarity and other nasty things some askers might assume, because working in Supplier of Happiness is such a privilege to me as I participate in making people happier!»

Dmitry Korobitsyn
Supplier of happiness, CEO

Would you like to ascertain whether our Chief Executive Officer has the right attitude? Be our guest!