Business Direction

We started in 2002, with on-line retail sales. Oh, yes, we used to be an on-line store. Our company had not been invested millions, we have rather grown thanks to the energy and participation of our staff who are working hard, with great efficiency, for the motherland :)

The retail sector is still significant in our business. However, it is now a secondary activity of ours, giving way to the other three. For more than 10 years, we have been developing the wholesale sector, especially the part that has to do with our cooperation with on-line stores.

Our newest activity is drop shipping. In 2014, the “Supplier of Happiness” began working with on-line stores as a dropship supplier. Under this model, we are in charge of delivering the orders to the customers on behalf of this or that on-line store. We are also responsible for transferring funds to the on-line store's bank account.

We attach equal importance to every activity of our business. We estimate great capacity in each of them. That is why we are constantly seeking for improved service for all of our customers whether it is an on-line store, a regional network of lingerie, drugstores or sex shops.

Drop shipping

To launch a new on-line store has never been so easy! With the dropship model it will take up to 5 days, while the only thing that you can find difficult to do is registering a sole trader.

If you have a store, just download the goods feeds of the "Supplier of Happiness". And the easiest way is to buy a turn-key on-line store, FIRE, based on 1C Bitrix.

Surefire advantages of our dropship service are the following:

  • maximum stock-18000 goods;
  • reduced tariffs from transport companies;
  • a wide range of delivery options, including Russian Post, DPD, CDEK and PickPoint;
  • Cash payments are allowed and receipts are available (according to FL-54);
  • Cardboard box are used for packaging orders;
  • Returns can be taken back to the warehouse.
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Wholesale supplies to retail stores and networks

We are sure to make your store's range look appealing, captivating, "delicious" and motivate the customer to end up at your register over and over again. Our service level is surprising for new clients, while our partners have been enjoying it for years. We were the first and only on the market who offered guaranteed success for your business.

Not ready to take the details yet? To facilitate your decision-making process, here we list some of our strengths:

  • goods booking on the day of order making;
  • shipment within one working day;
  • sustainably wide goods range;
  • regularly renewed goods range;
  • deferred payment, discounts, special offers and promotions;
  • goods exchange and return.
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Providing on-line stores with good stock

This activity is something we are proud of. No other company's work is focused on cooperation with on-line stores as much as ours. With this regard, the “Supplier of Happiness” is unique. We offer perfect environment for e-commerce companies.

  • feeds with remaining goods (csv, xml, xls, insales, webasyst)
  • availability of photos and specifications of the whole goods range
  • office-warehouse in central Moscow
  • goods return within 5 working days

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