Business Direction

From the very beginning our business direction comprised only retailing through Internet. Yes, it is true that our company started from an Internet store and we have achieved our goals due to enthusiasm and active engagement of employees. We experience potential growth not through million investments but through success coming from continuous team working integration.

Currently retailing still plays a significant role in running our business. However, there are two more directions we pursue to develop. First, over the last few years we have been developing wholesale. Second, we have evolved wider cooperation with other Internet stores.

There is such a potential in each of our business directions. Therefore it is absolutely important that we pay equal attention to and work continuously with all our clients no matter if they are retail purchasers, Internet stores or regional shop network of lingerie, pharmacy or sex-shops.


Our high standards of customer service are always a pleasant surprise to all our precious clients. Our partners have already got accustomed to the style of work we provide. We always have and always will make your shop assortment more attractive, more desirable and exclusive that no customer of yours will be left indifferent. It is safe to say that we have been the first company who implemented guarantees of the successful and prosperous collaboration. Hence there is absolute certainty that your venture will benefit from advantageous chance of being our partner.

Should you require further information please click here. In the meantime, have a look at the following outline of our main advantages:

  • Items are reserved on the same day you place your order
  • Same day dispatch service
  • Wide variety of products
  • Constantly updated of assortment
  • Discounts, sales and several options to postpone payment
  • Free return and exchange policy

Cooperation with Internet stores

We are very proud of this business direction as we are the first company in Russia who pays such a significant attention to the cooperation with other Internet stores and supplies them with full range of our products. Our business practical approach is based on the main advantages, which make us very attractive to other Internet stores as our ideal working conditions with E-commerce companies include:

  • Unloading remainder (csv, xml, xls, insales, webasyst)
  • Unloading photos of products and full product specifications
  • Convenient location of office and warehouse in central Moscow
  • Returns of all orders are free and possible within five working days from the receipt of goods

Retail Internet stores

Nowadays we manage and develop five own Internet stores. Gradually and steadily we have approached our Internet customers in a way that allows to fully utilise the excellent resources available to them. Every single day our company deals with dozens of orders placed by both domestic and overseas customers. We have a policy of indulging our clients with regularly updated new collections of erotic and seductive lingerie as well as new arrivals of high-tech adult toys.

We cherish and respect our clients of all kinds! Moreover, their reviews show that our love is returned!