Proper ways to add a free item to a dropship order


The «Supplier of Happiness» strives to offer the best possible service to its clients, for this sake we are constantly improving our internal processes to make them automated. During the process of optimization of another section, we found out that a number of services (such as «1C», for instance) were working wrong and had failed to process orders containing items with «zero price».

What are the cases when drop shippers attach a «zero price» label to an item?

Cases when dropship clients indicate the item’s price as equal to zero in the course of order making are few:
  • when ordering an item for themselves;
  • when sending the order to a person pro bono (as a gift, a free sample for a test drive engaging a sex blogger, through the barter system, in compensation, etc.)
  • during a promotion that implies distributing the item as a gift (at the drop shipper's on-line store).

What are the ways to solve «zero price» problem?

The solution is simple and absolutely brilliant.

  1. If the order only contains items to be sent free of charge, you should indicate the retail price for the goods in the "price" box and during processing you should add the remark saying "ORDER IS PAID".

нулевые оплачен.png

2.  If only some PART of the order is to be sent free of charge, you should put the price of 1 ruble in the "price" box reducing any other item's price by 1 ruble.

нулевые 1 рубль.png

N.B. We recommend that you should indicate the price of 1 ruble instead of 1 kopek since some of the logistic companies tend to process the "kopeks" incorrectly rounding them to increased or decreased value. Once you type exactly 1 ruble, total transparency and unambiguity are guaranteed.о.

Support from the «Supplier of Happiness»

We seek to make business processes more user-friendly, so we technically eliminate the possibility of making an order with «zero price» in the drop shipper's Account. Thus, your documentation and financials are safe.

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